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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

'Unjust and Uncaring': Live Tweeting a report about benefit sanctions

Over the course of three days this week I have been ‘live tweeting’ a devastating report into sanctions by the Citizens Advice Bureau in West Dunbartonshire.
Citzens Advice centres around the UK have been doing an excellent job of covering the issue of sanctions, but this report struck me as different and I wanted to make sure it was widely shared.
The ‘factional’ live tweets of @immigrant_X @immigrantY and @immigrant_Z in recent weeks have made me think about the creative potential using Twitter to challenge ideological beliefs through fiction.
And, when he first started up, I was riveted by @peterjukes use of the medium to reproduce the drama of the ‘Hacking Trial.’
So I was moved to try something different from the traditional link-to-story approach that I generally use on Twitter. There are so many demands on people’s attention, that I doubt many get to engage with a full report like this.
I wanted to get people to engage with the report’s subject matter over the course of 100 or so 149 character tweets.
I cut and pasted a good selection of the report, not just the best bits, but enough to give the full picture without losing readers. I think it was a success.
Anyway, here's a link to the Twitter feed.

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